Gummy Sushi!

So this is a little gummy sushi making kit that my sister got me in Japan


You open it up and it is a bunch of powders that you have to mix with specific amounts of water and then once it sets you can make the sushi. The coolest part was the rice that actually looked remarkably like fluffy rice. You stir the stuff with the tiny shovel and it’s kinda funny, it’s like a zen garden of rice. Oh also there is this little squeeze bottle that you pick up water with.

P1050905 P1050906P1050908 The roe was the most fun to do, you mix the powder with water and then suck it up with the squeeze bottle, then squeeze drop by drop into the water and then scoop it up with the shovel. Looks cool no?


Rockstar’s New Supersours Green Apple and Bubbleberry

Hello all!
I was at my local 7-11 to buy some energy drinks when I saw that Rockstar had flavors out! Thought not a big fan of sour stuff, I am a huge fan of Rockstar drinks, as those of you who know me are aware of.


The new designs look awesome, they remind me of a trend in Japan where there are a lot of colors that don’t go together in a design, like the green and red, but it makes these drinks really stand out. On the left is bubbleberry and the right is green apple

Green Apple


.This drink came out yellowish in color to my surprise, it tasted like…well if you’ve ever had those sour rainbow bacon strips, it’s like a drink form of that. It tasted quite light which is really misleading since it contains a whopping 260 calories and 240 mg of caffeine. I actually didn’t feel too alert after this, but that’s probably because I’m a caffeine addict and my work has all you can drink free coffee. The taste of this is decent but not the best I’ve had.

Taste: 6/10


A portmanteau of bubble gum and berry (hopefully that and not just bubbles), this drink is the cool color of pink


Unfortunately the taste falls short of this awesome colored drink as it mostly tasted of sugar and not much else. Perhaps I was spoiled by the distinct taste of the Rockstar Juiced line, but this just didn’t cut it for me. I did however experience the artificial optimism that always comes when I have excessive amounts of caffeine. Woot!

Taste: 4/10

This taste is a nice change for those who hate the taste of the original formula for most energy drinks, but why not try Monster’s Rojo tea or Rehab Lemonade tea? They have 25 and 10 calories respectively and taste pretty damn good in my opinion.

The Rockstar god has fallen, perhaps it is time to worship a new god, the Monster god! And add to my collection….

BEHOLD! As a bonus to celebrate Supersours finally appearing in a store near me, I have uploaded a picture showing my entire collection of Rockstar Cans. I am quite proud of it Image🙂

Nestle Halloween Special Wrappers

Ok I know i am 4 months too late (or 8 months early, yay!) but I just had to talk about these awesome Nestle wrappers that I found at the 7-11 for halloween

On the wrappers, they all boast proudly, “Same original taste!” Which you may find amusing but if you go with a different wrapper instead of the one people are used to they might think it is something nasty. Especially in the case of a black wrapper which might remind people of black licorice

Here are some nice close ups of each item


Coffee Crisp = Coffin Crisp


Kit Kat retains its name since Kat could be cat spelt by an idiot.


Areo =Scaro! They have a witch on the cover but I think it could be like, Scaro, scarecrow, which could be creepy.


Smarties = Scaries!


This was a cute little promotion for Halloween and I’m surprised that it wasn’t more widely distributed, I couldn’t find it at any place other than 7-11, a shame since it is pretty cute. If you guys see these, buy them! Hide them away forever! Or I dunno, eat them if you want to be boring like that.

Then I started to think about what sort of scary names i could come up with:

Twix = Trix (as in trick or treat)

Black Magic =Speaks for itself 🙂

Ok that’s all I could think of, guess I’m not very good at this naming thing. Who thinks coffin crisp should just be coffee crisp’s name from now on? I certainly do.





Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood

ImageThis is Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood drink, it’s supposed to induce relaxation with ingredients such as valerian root and melatonin. I bought the green tea with honey which tasted like your average energy drink type green tea, and it was the same price as the smaller sized berry and citrus flavors that Mellow Mood also offers.  Being curious about the effectiveness of the drink, I tried it and recorded the results:

7PM Drank the Mellow Mood

Current mood: feeling pretty good, slightly excited with my recent drink purchases, feeling happy


Head feels a little fuzzy, more relaxed, still happy

I didn’t record any more results after 7:30, but my head felt a little fuzzy, and I wanted to go to sleep at 9PM. I had the drowsy feeling that comes when I am drunk, except there was none of the feeling I get when I’m drunk where I feel really happy. Well I certainly wasn’t going to bed at 9 so I immediately had some coffee and felt immediately better. Then I baked a chocolate cake. This would be a good drink if you want to go to sleep I guess, but I wouldn’t recommend it for any time else. Not sure how I would’ve felt if I had gone to sleep at 9, would I have had a good sleep? Ugh anyways the drink was worth a try.


-Drowsiness like being drunk

-Tired and zombie feeling

-immediately felt better after having coffee

Taste 8/10





Interesting signs and other stuff in Japan


This sign was at the airport, some of the things are fairly standard, like the fact that it is wheelchair accessible and you can bring your children there. It is the one after the pink accesible sign that I’m a little confused about. Apparently you can give your small child a stern talking to in the washroom if you want. It is not exclusive to mothers either.


“I know you’re only two but it’s time we had that talk. That’s right, retirement savings.”


You may never be a rockstar but you can aspire to be a chipstar.


New rainbow canned coffee with Tommy Lee Jones staring at the rainbow with…Intensity


Get crunk! Get Crunky!


Not sure why they would call their drink something that has a definition of “condition of having a strong, sharp smell or taste that is often so strong that it is unpleasant.” It certainly didn’t have a strong taste, in fact it was quite a mild and very delicious milk tea. We had this several times in our time spent in Japan.


Why is there a dog? Apparently the poster made no sense even to someone who could read it the words, it said something like, “Go Japan” and there was “detective” in there somewhere. I dunno.


Juicy Coutoure for people and their dogs


Yes but how do you feel?


the picture on the far right. French Sand. So much better than actual food.


This  reads more like a riddle than a menu item description. Oh wait wait I know! Is it ginger?


The last sentence seems very anticlimatic after the word ‘virulent’


Punching lotion: perfect when you need to kick some ass


This game sounds very violent.


Hope you enjoyed the post 😀




Beer Bath Time and Hot Chocolate stick

P1050730 P1050731

So back when I was in Japan all those months ago (so cold now! Brrr…) I bought this package of scented bath powder, one day I finally decided to use it. Immediately the tub filled up with bubbles! It even looks like beer! But what does it smell like? Thankfully, not like beer, it was a delicious smelling fruit aroma. Yay for random purchases!

No idea how i would rate this, how do you rate bath salts?  but 8/10 for smell and it was a fun purchase


P1050737 P1050738

Up next, a strawberry chocolate stick! This was also purchased in Japan. What you do is you have a cup of hot milk and you stir the milk with the chocolate stick until it melts. The stick is a spoon by the way, surprise 😀 It was delicious and thick, I would definitely buy this again.